"Thanks to the Fitness First Epicuria team for the goodwill gesture and for creating a fun workout environment. Loving all the new equipment. Happy to have you open and enjoying the experience. Thanks Team FF Epicuria!" - Ruchika Sood, 27 May, 2015. Fitness First Epicuria, Nehru Place. Fitness First Epicuria Facebook Page

"I love, love, love fitness. It's a block away from my office, so there's no excuse for not getting in a good workout! I've taken the TRX, core and Pilates classes, and they are challenging in the past from some other Gym In Mumbai. Please do let me know about the timings and proper trainer for the same." - Deepika Kumari, 14 May, 2015. Fitness First Select Citywalk. Fitness First Select Citywalk Facebook Page  

"This gym has just what i need. I tend to work out in the morning. When it's not crowded. So i never had to wait for equipment. Additionally, i found the right trainer. Who helped me to reach my fitness goal for the month." - Mehak Walia, 14 May, 2015. Fitness First Select Citywalk. Fitness First Select Citywalk Facebook Page

"The New Gym is a beauty. The last few months had been depressing for all of us. We were told today that as the membership picks up the GX classes will be increased. Its a matter of time. I am no longer ruminating. We have favorable circumstances and outcomes waiting for us. The Body Pump 92 class in the morning by Prince J Singh and Ravi Bist was an absolute delight. Abhee to party shuru huee hay!

Terrific ABT class by Robin Gogoi. A lot of old and new members hit the class with vengeance... Fish back to water. Amazing sight. What struck the right cord was Robin's remark that the Human Body is a magnificent Bio Machinery. It can perform miracles many cannot even imagine. Robin is right. Even after 6 months of Gap I could see the members working out with zeal. The desire to return to reach their ultimate body could only be Felt. There is no denying that when this "Bio Machinery is used to fullest" its gratifying.... " - Rohit Gera, 2nd March, 2015. Fitness First Hamilton House, New Delhi Hamilton House Facebook Page


"Just love this gym. Awesome Trainers and Awesome Lifestyle!!!!" - Kevin Davies, 19th February, 2015. Fitness First Oasis Centre, Bangalore  Oasis Centre Facebook Page


The staff that impressed me & My Great Experience

"Hi, I want to express my gratification towards Pankaj Dhiman, Arjun Mudgal and Ram Kr. All three of them are utterly talented, Professional and accommodating. They are ready to assist at all times and are pleasant. Keep up the good work guys ! I feel great writing this feedback about the Lost & Found team of Fitness First Select City Walk club. I have lost/misplaced valuable things at the club at various occasions like wrist watch, Shoes, Cloths and have always found them from the Lost & Found dept in unimpaired condition. Kudos to the Lost & Found team of Fitness First Saket" - Roma Makkar, 7th February, 2015. Fitness First Select City Walk

Feedback on Mega Mall, Mumbai Facebook Page

"Hi! My name is Rohini Tiwari and I was a member in your Andheri club for over 2 years. After my previous trainer moved clubs I started to train with Arjun Kapoor some 5 months ago. To say that he is an absolute pro at his job is an understatement. Arjun's knowledge of not just the technique but also about the anatomy, the inner workings of the muscle is astounding. He is not just well versed about training but can see the specific muscle imbalances and works on them. I have lived and trained around the world and I am yet to see someone who is as observant, skillful and knowledgable. He is extremely passionate about body transformation. For him it is not just a job but away of life. Under his training I have seen my body transform. I have managed to get results which I never thought were possible. I have not just become stronger but also more knowledgable and aware about my own body because Arjun explains the scientific reason for doing each and every exercise. His focus and encouragement pushes you to try harder and achieve the unachievable. Working out with Arjun has been a tremendously positive and result oriented. If I could predict the future, I would say he is going to go a long way in the fitness industry. My only regret is that I wish I had trained with him much much longer." - Rohini Tiwari, 22 December, 2014. Fitness First Mega Mall Mumbai