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Trying to lose weight? Sometimes making the smallest changes to your diet can make all of the difference. Here are some easy changes you can make to your regular diet to cut out unwanted calories and kilos.

  1. Cream to Clear

Yes soups are healthy, but not every kind is going to aid your weight loss goal. Swap out creamy soups for clear brothy bowls and save yourself many unwanted calories.

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  1. Yogurt in. Mayo out.

Dressing your healthy salad in unhealthy mayo won’t do you many favours. Try a creamy yogurt dressing instead. It’s just as delicious but heaps healthier.


  1. Fried vs. Baked

You don’t have to completely give up the snacks you love. By simply swapping to baked versions of chips, pretzels, nachos, etc. This goes for even your main meal choices and side dishes. For example, baked fish is healthier than fried fish and baked potatoes are better than French fries. You can still enjoy all of the taste with none of the guilt.

  1. Bye bye ice cream. Hello fro-yo.

Frozen yogurt is a great substitute for ice cream. And it’s now available in as many flavours as your favourite frozen dessert. Yogurt packs less calories and fat, and your diet will thank you for this healthy indulgence.

  1. Go Red instead of White

Love Italian?  Trade out the white sauce and dig into rich and healthy red sauce based pasta dishes with absolultely no regrets.

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  1. Don’t drink your fruit.

Say no to juice and eat whole fruits instead. Juicing a fruit destroys a lot of its nutrients and you consume a lot more sugar. The pulp of fruit is full of healthy fibre and will keep you feeling full longer without the extra calories.

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